venerdì 10 febbraio 2012

Quote che ispirano 05

"If you wanna complaint, I'm not the complaint department"

Tipologia: canzone
Autore: Lykke Li
Album: Youth Novels
Brano: Complaint Department

Quote che ispirano 04

"Another scar to emphasize who you are"

Tipologia: canzone
Autore: New Young Pony Club
Album: Fantastic Playroom
Brano: Tight Fit

Quote che ispirano 03

"You cut me like a double edge sword, now I'm split in the middle, tell me which side do you pick?"

Tipologia: canzone
Autore: Emika
Disco: Emika
Brano: Double Edge

Quote che ispirano 02

"He knows, as all the cleverst ones do, tha no human being is so interesting that he can't make himself more interesting still by acting retarded at random intervals."

Tipologia: libro
Autore: Walter Kirn 
Libro: Up in the air

Quote che ispirano 01

"Don't live by the doctrine of the ignoble ease, but by toil and effort, by labor and strife! The highest form of success comes to the man who shrinks not from danger or work, and who therefore wins the ultimate triumph."

Tipologia: fumetto
Autore: Scrooge McDuck (attraverso la penna di Don Rosa)
Dove: The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Companion, Capitolo10B.